*Covid-19 Update from Swaleside Vets*


The surgery will remain open as long as our staff are well and not isolating. In the event of that happening we will inform you immediately alongside information of whom to contact in the event of an emergency.

Our guidelines from the Royal College of Veterinary state that we may see emergencies only and not routine appointments such as nail trims and booster vaccinations.

We do not expect you to always know what constitutes an emergency so we would ask you to contact us, the Veterinary Surgeon where necessary will triage/discuss your concern with you.

In the event you are asked to present your pet to the surgery and are not currently in isolation, we will ask you to let us know you are in the Swan car park by phone, one of the girls will come to you in PPE and collect your pet for it’s examination. We are not allowing anyone other than skeleton staff in the practice, this is to protect us and you and keep us operational for as long as possible.

The Vet will phone you with their findings and dispense any medications or admit your pet if deemed necessary. If an admission is necessary the relevant paperwork will be brought out to you for signing.

If you need repeat medication, we ask you to pay over the phone when ordering, come to the front door and we will place the medication outside of the side door for you to collect safely when that door is closed. If you are isolating delivery can be arranged.

Please bear with us with the phones, we are there but we are working with a reduced staff level.

If you have any concerns please do contact us, I know it is hard especially if you have a female cat calling desperate to get out that you can’t yet neuter…or listening to your dog tap dancing with long nails, but we must endure this for the greater good of us all.

We will be there for those life threatening emergencies during our opening hours and Vets Now will continue to be there after 6pm Evenings and weekends after 12pm Saturday.

In the awful event the time has come where your trusted friend is coming to the end of their time, we will come to you if you wish and it is safe to do so, but we will assist in the garden and not the house. Please be advised we will be in PPE.

I hope this gives you some reassurance at this awful time and please do not hesitate to call us if you are worried, we may be able to dispense any appropriate medication without needing to see your pet (as long as you are a client of our practice and we have seen your pet in a certain timescale).

Stay safe xx

Could we ask where possible, to order repeat prescriptions, food, flea & worm treatments via our email


Please try and give 48 hours notice as our wholesale deliveries are slightly delayed.

If you can’t please phone the surgery as normal, there may at times be an answerphone asking you to ring another number, this call will be answered by one of us, as where possible we are encouraging staff to work from the safety of their homes.

Many thanks