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Consultation and basic fee prices 
First consultation£34.50
Follow up consultation£27.50
Medication Check / Reduced fee£24.00
Clip nails£13.50
Rabbit first consultation£27.50
Subsequent rabbit consultation£23.00
Small animal/bird consultation£25.00
Subsequent small animal consultation£20.00
Microchip during consultation£20.00

Microchip during operation
Written prescription fee (1st item)£9.50
Written prescription fee (Multi items)£13.50
Insurance form fees:
Vaccination Prices 
Puppy and Adult dog vaccination course£54.50 (total)
(2 injections given 6-10weeks of age)
(2-4 weeks apart-minimum age for 2nd injection
10 weeks of age)
(£27.25 each)
Annual Booster£35.00
Kennel Cough - Annual£29.25
Rabies (Cat and Dog) - every 3 years£38.00
Kitten and adult cat primary vaccination courses
Flu and Enteritis course£57.00 (total)
(2 injections from 9 weeks of age 3-4 weeks apart)(£28.50 each)
Flu, Enteritis and Leukaemia course£59.00 (total)
(2 injections from 9 weeks of age 3-4 weeks apart)(£29.50 each)
Flu and Enteritis£34.95
Flu, Enteritis and Leukemia£34.95
Rabbit Vaccines/Booster
Combined Myxomatosis & Viral Haemorrhagic Disease£29.50

Please telephone for other prices and more detailed estimates
*All prices include 20{512bc7669f5e1429e19e3042f5fe97951f8e12fcd0f5e0559fb6ac6f42fc811c} VAT

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